Our Vision

At Seacliff School we aim to develop creative confident learners who can adapt to and participate effectively in a rapidly changing world. Our vision is of a community where staff members, parents and students work collaboratively towards achieving the best possible learning environment and educational outcomes for all.

We value and promote personal excellence, a love of learning and quality relationships between students, staff members, parents and the wider community.

In the achievement of these goals we are committed to:

  • Providing a learning environment which is safe, secure and stimulating for all learners regardless of their culture, gender, age or ability and which encourages independent learners.
  • Implementing a curriculum which emphasizes the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and communication.
  • Establishing close working and learning partnerships between students, staff, parents and the local community in all aspects of the school programme and organisation.
  • Encouraging self discipline and personal responsibility for one’s learning, for the quality of one’s social interactions and for the conservation of the natural environment.

The vision is underpinned by a set of school values which are:

1. Caring for Others

Relationships underlie personal and social life. Caring relationships are fundamental to student development, to social cohesion and to the growth of global responsibility. They are the cement which holds society together.

2. Justice

A fair and just treatment of all individuals and groups in society is also fundamental. It means commitment to equal opportunity, the rejection of racism, sexism and other forms of prejudice, a commitment to the rule of law and respect for the rights and property of others.

3. Democracy

A commitment to democratic processes is fundamental. It means parent and student participation in decision making, co-operative approaches to problems, respecting different view points, accepting responsibility and a commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflict.

4. Excellence

Excellence is an enduring value. The criteria by which excellence is judged should include a variety of gifts and talents, commitment to endeavour, to effective functioning in society and, to education as a life-long process.

5. Creative Thinking

The search for truth means the development of the questioning mind. It means a commitment to enquiry rather than to the passive gathering of information or ideas. Emphasis is to be placed on thinking, problem solving and communicable skills. It sees the teacher opening up questions rather than imposing answers.

6. Respect for the Environment

Protection of air, land and water is essential to the survival of all living things. This means a commitment to preserving heritage, to limiting waste, to resource conservation and to a modification of life styles. It means close co-operation between schools and local community.

7. Respect for Self

Respect for others, as well as for learning depends on a sense of self worth. This means a school commitment to physical and mental health and the development of individual talents, skills and abilities. It means encouraging achievement in all fields and the development of a personal belief and value system.

8. Integrity

Honesty in enquiry; in relationships and, in respect for the possessions of others is of primary importance. This means promoting, logical and critical thinking based on valid evidence. It also means open discussion and the development of comprehensive evaluation and reporting processes.

Students at Seacliff will be:

  • happy about coming to school each day
  • positive about themselves
  • encouraged and supported
  • actively involved
  • challenged
  • successful
  • allowed to take risks in their learning
  • encouraged to be responsible for their actions and behaviour
  • able to talk, listen and be listened to
  • able to develop a positive relationship with their teacher
  • recognised for their individuality
  • able to experience teaching which is relevant to their needs
  • able to make decisions about their learning and evaluate what they have done

All staff members at Seacliff will:

  • act as positive role models
  • care for each child’s individual needs
  • undertake to provide a well balanced learning programme
  • ensure the principles of social justice are in operation in their classrooms
  • ensure “fair play” occurs within the school yard
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